Chemical Management

Chemical Management

MTS Chemical Management is specially designed for manufacturing which involves the use of chemicals, including dyeing, printing, laundry and tanning of textiles and footwear, as well as paper/ pulp, electronic and household products.

Improper usage and storage of chemicals can pose high risks to workers and the environment, and it is important for corporations to look into the chemical management aspect to minimise risks arising from chemical hazards.

During the Chemical Management audit, our auditors assess 10 criteria crafted around chemical safety in manufacturing sites:

  • General observations/ management
  • Chemical regulations and permits
  • Chemical policies/ procedure and document control
  • Chemical purchasing/ procurement
  • Chemical inventory logs
  • Storage and handling of chemicals
  • RSL and MRSL
  • Chemical testing
  • Chemical training
  • Future-proofing

All our auditors have gone through stringent training with theoretical lessons and on-site training. You can partner with us to better achieve your environmental goals and develop a robust chemical management system.

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